AcBandit products are made in the USA

Property Manager?

AC Bandit has good news for you. Our patented theft deterrent system will help prevent theft by making it far more difficult to steal your property. Best of all, it's far cheaper than replacement costs for equipment alone not to mention installation costs.

With the AC BANDIT™ Securing System there are no locks or chains for thieves to easily cut and access your equipment. Additionally the open design allows sufficient air-flow to keep your unit operating properly and allows technicians to service it easily with the bands in place. If you ever need to replace a motor or other interior component the bands can be removed using the security socket provided to you with your purchase of the AC BANDIT™ system. If you replace your condenser and it is smaller or larger than your original unit simply adjust the AC BANDIT™ for a proper fit.

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Available in Colors to match your surroundings...


  • Are an excellent choice for condenser units placed on asphalt or on equipment pads. These ground "EARTH ANCHORS" can be installed through asphalt with an appropriate pilot hole or directly into the dirt below using a 5lb sledge hammer to drive them in. A T-handle and socket can be used to screw them into soft soil conditions.
  • A set of Bandit™ EARTH ANCHORS provide pull out resistance of over 2500 pounds, and they are removable and reusable
  • Can be inserted into the ground in minutes by screwing them in with a bar and socket, or by using a 5lb hammer when the ground is hard.
  • For multiple deployments, an impact wrench using a 7/8" or 1-1/16" AF socket is a quick way of getting them in. Alternatively, we have cups to fit the popular SDS Max, Hilti and Kango series of impact hammers. Once in they give good vertical and lateral support for all items being fixed.