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Stop, Thief!

Imagine waking up to extreme heat, wondering, what is going on with your air conditioner only to find out your air conditioner has been vandalized. Thieves have stolen the copper and steel parts within and you have to replace the whole air conditioning unit at a cost of more than $2000. Protected yourself with the AC BANDITâ„¢ ac protection system today and avoid this problem.


Stop, Thief!

Air conditioner protection was not something we really needed to think about a few years ago, but today this type of vandalism can cost thousands of repair dollars. The best thing you can do is protect your investment with the AC Bandit™. The AC Bandit™ system makes it easy - it is fully adjustable, easy to install and very affordable especially for large scale implementations.

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Why You Need our Product

Throughtout the United States there is a new tendency in robbery and theft. Because air conditioners have large amounts of steel and copper, and because there is a large and ever increasing scrap value for these materials, they have become an easy target for thieves. Many thieves are stealing air conditioner units and selling them for their scrap value. What is the solution to this problem? The installation of the AC BANDITâ„¢ air conditioning protection system.