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Conditioner Protection System

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AC Securing Systems in Michigan

Bandit Securing Services, LLC is a Michigan based company offering an air conditioner protection system.

Protect your AC from vandalism & theft. Our products are designed to protect the unit.

About Us

Established in 2008, Bandit Securing Services, LLC secures Air Conditioner condensers. Our products are adjustable so that they can be re-used if you get a new condenser. We have an excellent sleek looking product in black and gray colors as opposed to a handyman welding a cage around it. We serve in Metro Detroit, Michigan.

Why You Need Our Product

Throughout the United States, there has been a significant rise in cases of robbery and theft. Air conditioners can be sold for scrap or re-sold on the black market.

That is why it has become an easy target for thieves. Many thieves are stealing air conditioner units and selling them for scrap value.

What is the solution to this problem?

AC BANDIT™ air conditioning protection system is here to solve the problem.

Protect Your AC Systems From Vandalism

Imagine waking up to extreme heat, finding that your air conditioner has been vandalized, and all the copper and steel parts have been stolen.

To replace the whole air conditioning unit, it will cost you around more than $2000. Our affordable AC protection system, AC BANDIT™ can protect your AC from Vandalism and helps you save your money.


Stay Protected

Today protecting an AC unit has become an essential part because vandalism can cost a thousand repair dollars.

AC Bandit™ is a fully adjustable system and easy to install, especially for large scale implementations.